This is Rabbi Mom. A site for all parents who are doing the best they can to navigate this crazy ride called parenthood. I am a rabbi, mom, wife, entrepreneur, daughter & friend trying to find the balance between work, life, family & wellness.

Join me in my journey as you embark on yours. Rabbi Mom is a place where we can share the ups and downs, struggle through the challenges of parenthood, and share in the joys.

Rabbi Mom-a community for parents everywhere- in the Jewish world and beyond.

This page isn’t just for moms-it is for parents who are looking for support balancing this crazy ride we call parenthood while also working (or not working) and hope to find inspiration from Judaism to help guide you through parenthood (universal concepts that are not limited to Jewish parents only!) Welcome to Rabbi Mom-here for you!

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Rabbi Mom In Action

This is where I will post about events I have attended, classes I have taught, conventions where I have presented. Rabbi Mom is not just about blogging-it is about sharing Torah (Jewish learning and text) in the greater community. Check back to see where Rabbi Mom is next!

December 25 2017-Cape Cod Synagogue, Hyannis MA

So proud of M (3.5) for volunteering with me today at the Cape Cod Synagogue’s Christmas for the hungry lunch. She helped hand out winter hats and wished everyone merry Christmas!! #PROUDMAMA #Mitzvah #rabbimom


A Little Bit About Me

I am a working mom of 2 living in Brookline. My life is crazy busy just like any other parent (especially since my husband also runs his own company-two start ups=so fun!) As a mom of two who runs her own business my life can get pretty out of control pretty fast.

Rabbi Mom started out of a desire to bring parents together to be here for one another during these daily challenges of work-life balance and maintaining “self” while navigating the rocky and exciting waters of parenting and family life.

I also struggle with an auto immune disorder. This is a huge part of my daily life and maintaining a balance of wellness while working and parenting is a big lofty goal of mine that I often fall short on.

So I invite you to join me on this journey towards balance, wellness, and of course a life of love.



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